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People's Story

The beauty of the people that relate to Skin Mutts is that everybody brings their own very personal story to the table, but the feelings that the stories evoke are often very recognizable and we find each other in sharing them.


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We want to put in the spotlight the stories of people's cultural identity.
Lisa shared her experience:

"Language is constantly updating itself to the people and the times. And there’s been a movement towards not referring to oneself as “half” or “part” of anything, in let’s say the Skin Mutts realm. And I get that rhetoric, it’s true: everyone is a whole being. Despite our different possible cultural and ethnical mashups, we remain complete people. But I don’t really have a problem with it. I don’t feel comfortable claiming any one thing as my own and I’m okay with that. I am parts of these different worlds and I don’t believe I’d ever fully fit in like someone else “fully” from that world (whatever that even means). And I know it’s touchy for some, and for me it’s even a bit sad sometimes. But there is something unique and powerful about being involved in multiple communities, being able to be a part of different microcosms."

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