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Hosted by Olivia Lopez, Tea Talk is a serie of interviews, visual podcasts where people that work with or around cultural identity discuss different topics and explain how they see the world.




Becoming your own self

Olivia the host, is joined by Olivia the guest, to chat about the relevance of names and the journey to become your very own individual, while staying more or less in contact with your heritage.

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Sense of community

In this episode of Tea Talk, Jaouad talks about the human feeling and need to belong to a group, wether it's about your ethnicity, sexuality or religion.

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How history rhymes

Grey zones, "community guidelines" and school system are some of the topics discussed in this episode of Tea Talk. Mariam especially talks about the events in Armenia and how history repeats itself: five years ago she wrote a slam poem about the Armenian genocide that today's more relevant than ever.

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Lost in Translation

Communicating with older generations can be hard because of the different ways we grew up, but if we add a cultural layer to it, the intergenerational miscommunication barrier becomes even harder to overcome.

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Weird Culture Kids

Being a third culture kid involves a long search for your place in the world and also for someone who understands you. Ngoc wrote a book about her experience of being a weird culture kid, a wonderful story about growing up in the middle. In this episode we talk about coming to terms with who you are, sprinkled with some politics.

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Rediscovering traditions

Talking about traditions and reconnecting to our heritage, Ismahen takes us through the process of starting Fayahen, her jewellery brand of handmade & refurbished North-African silver pieces. It started as a passion but with time it allowed her to discover so much more about the hidden treasures of Tunisia and appreciate her roots on a whole new other level.

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