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a conversational game to understand different points of view


to help acknowledge and appreciate the differences in communities


the cards offer tools and terms to better understand and explain cultural identity


the short rounds create an entertaining dynamic

  • TARGET: teenagers and adults, mono- and multicultural people

  • DURATION: 1h30

  • # PARTICIPANTS: max. 40 people

A speed date, but different

Table Talks is designed to be a perfect ice breaker for meetings, gathering and team buildings. This conversational workshop is set up just like a speed date, where every few minutes people rotate.

The constant rotation creates a feeling of urgency in getting your point across, assuring very focused and interesting conversations.

Table Talk aims to give a glimpse into different realities. These 1:1 chats will be jumpstarted by a topic chosen from a series of cards.

The customisable character of the activity, makes it perfect for any occasion and eventually focus it on a specific topic.

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