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Goal reached!

Thank to your contribution we were able to reach our Growfunding goal!

We reached our goal!! 🥹🤩

Yesterday our Growfunding campaign came to and end and the support that we got exceeded all our expectations!

Thank you so much for all the preorders, the contributions and the financial and emotional support that we’ve received in the past few months 🧡✨

We are so grateful for everybody that believed in this project. Through the Skin Mutts magazine we’ll be able to open the conversation on cultural identity in a more tangible and concrete way and hopefully reach people that might need it 🫶🏼

A special thank you to Growfunding that supported and mentored us throughout the campaign, Replica Bookshop that helped us with one of the tier’s rewards, A Fonds Brussel that contributed to the campaign by matching everybody’s donation by 25% and KAIRA fund that has been systemically supporting us since June.

And of course a big thank you to the whole Skin Mutts magazine team for the amazing work and everybody who has been part of it behind the scenes 🤩

The first issue of the Skin Mutts magazine is coming out on the 15th of October — if you’ve preordered a magazine you will receive an email between today and tomorrow with more info! 💌

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