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Skin Mutts event II

For the second year in a row we're hosting an event at Zomerfabriek!

In 2021 we got the chance to organise an event for the second year in a row! This year's event was focused on the layers of cultural identity. Just as last year we invited some amazing people to talk at the panel "Generational trauma & joy". With Stephanie Collingwoode Williams, activist and social worker, the director Rand Abou Fakher and Fouzia Sadala, the president of Karibu Leuven, who shared their story and experiences, the audience got to think about their own relationship with their family and the way cultural dissonance affects it.

Sakina El Kaddouri was the host for the day and took the audience into the conversations, workshops and spoken words performances that took place. ​ For this edition, the lenght of the expo was extended to a whole week. People could visit the art by Bella Wagner, Nassira Llouh, Stella Guan and Patricia da Costa from the 10th to the 15th of August and on the day of the event, the 14th of August, we were delighted by the spoken words performances of Othi Berry, Sumaya Chekkali, TUMBA, Luz de Amor and Will. ​ Each artists has their own take on how they deal with their mixed cultural background, so the expo was a collection of different experiences that were connected by the questions of belonging, of fitting in and finding a home.

Beats and vibes were provided by two wondersul djs, Sherryaeri and KARL. P.s. If you want to relive that day you can find them both on Soundcloud! ​ Thank you to everybody who was part of it and contributed making this an amazing second edition of Skin Mutts: the event II – layers of cultural identity. ​ See you next year!

Check the other photos here

Photos by Teta Blemont

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