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Skin Mutts the event

On 2nd July 2020, Skin Mutts held the first event at the Zomerfabriek in Antwerp

On 2nd July 2020, Skin Mutts held the first event at the Zomerfabriek in Antwerp, a day full of interesting discussions, music and art, celebrating our multicultural diversity to understand others, and possibly even ourselves, better. ​ For this first edition, the lovely Esohe Weyden guided us through the different activities. With her as host, we had the opportunity to hear what Lieven Miguek Kandolo, Christina De Witte and Claudia Pahola Herrera had to say about their sense of belonging in the panel "Where is home?".

Following an open call, 12 artists displayed their art throughout the event. The artists' works were all connected by the theme of cultural identity, which created an array of different stories and experience that we could shortly be part of. ​ 3 painters: Stella Guan, Emilio Lopez Calderon and Molk Bader 3 photographers: Gulsah Ayla Bayrak, Rami Hara and Jana Engels 3 digital artists: Kelly Lau, Yema Gieskes and Fairuz Ghammam 3 spoken words artists: TUMBA, Sakina El Kaddouri and William Zamundu The spoken words artists took the stage to wash the crowd away with their words, share their joy and pain with an amazing performance at the beginning of the event. ​ Because of COVID measurements, only 30 people could participate to the workshop "Agree to disagree", but it was a great moment for people to discuss and challenge their point of view.

In between the different activities, you could enjoy a drink and dance along with the tunes provided by AKB and Karl Kana. ​ The goal of the Skin Mutts event was to give a place to people who feel like they don't really have one. When events, workshops and activities are targeted to a specific category of ethnicity or race is hard to find a space where you can talk about belonging to other worlds too and being heard. The event was built on the main principle of Skin Mutts: we all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, but the feelings of where is home and where do I belong are often the same. ​ Thank you to everybody who was part of it and contributed making this an amazing first edition of hopefully a series of Skin Mutts events. ​ See you next year? ​

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Event photos by Kelly Fober