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Through Words

Languages frame identities, communication shape shifts through cultural worlds.
What does it mean to be multilingual?

“Through Words” explores the way people connect through verbal and non-verbal communication.

A feeling is conveyed through body language, tone of voice and facial expressions — words can loose all meaning or be the essential piece to our message.

On March 31, 6 performers will share their view around it on the stage of Zinnema, as the result of a two-weeks residency of analysing and exploring verbal and non-verbal communication 🫂

Join us to see, listen to and feel the works of Atiaf, Maja, Sakina, Tshimundu, Tumba and Yiwei.

📅 Friday, March 31

⏰ Doors open at 20h

📍Zinnema, Veeweydestraat 24, Anderlecht

🎟 Pay as you leave (you can financially contribute when leaving, depending on what you think the event deserves)

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