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We've launched a crowdfunding for our magazine first issue of the Skin Mutts Magazine!

Skin Mutts wants to, on one side, bring awareness to topics of cultural identity and make the conversation accessible. On the other side, we want to give a place of comfort for people that question their cultural identity.


After two years of the pandemic, where everything had to happen online and the human contact got a bit lost, we want to give something tangible back to the community.

We’re working on a magazine where we can bring stories together and create beautiful collaborations. Our main base is in Brussels, but our team is spread all around the world. We want to make the magazine accessible and easy to understand, despite language barriers. We’re working with writers, artists, photographers who give a new perspective on their own cultural identity trough pictures, in-depth articles and interviews, translating the most meaningful pieces in their own language.

This is why we started a Growfunding, to be able to fairly compensate out team and to create a sustainable project. Everybody who contributes to our Growfunding will have their name in the magazine! There are different tiers that people can choose from, check them here.


We want to create a patchwork of cultures and traditions that make one single concept, reflecting the reality of a Skin Mutt.

This is why the magazine will be divided in:

  • Heart – personal pieces, opinion pieces and poetry

  • Mind – scientific pieces, in-depth articles and research

  • Community – photos, interviews and short essays


The first yearly issue, of hopefully many, will have cultural dissonance as the main topic. Cultural dissonance is the confusion or discomfort of belonging to multiple cultural worlds. We talk about not feeling part of a community, feeling a disconnection to the homeland and the heartache of a culture that we can’t fully live.

Especially in Brussels, the capital of Europe, many people find themselves existing in the middle but not having a platform to do it. We want to show the good and the bad sides of it, learning from each other and creating a better environment for these conversations.

With the magazine being a very visual project that people can have in their home, we want to give the needed representation to the people whose culture is usually sensationalised or exaggerated, showing just the routine and intimacy of a Skin Mutt.


There are many people involved in the project to make all of this possible!

The budget mainly goes to paying the team fairly:

  • 25% to the writing and editing team

  • 25% to the visual team, photographers and glam team

  • 15% to the production team

  • 10% for the printing costs

  • 5% to extra costs of catering, transportation and equipment renting

  • 10% for the rewards

  • 10% to Growfunding

To support us, you can preorder the magazine now. The Skin Mutts Magazine is going to be published in October 2022 and we can’t wait for you to finally hold it!

Thank you so much for your support!

Lots of love,

the Skin Mutts team

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